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At Proven Legal Technologies, formerly Palmer Legal Technologies, we have the sector’s foremost experts at our clients’ disposal to advise them on addressing the rigours of regulatory response, forensic investigations and e-disclosure processes.

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Proven Legal Technologies, formerly Palmer Legal Technologies, has a high degree of technical competence blended with an excellent knowledge of legal processes and requirements. Our professionals are fully equipped to conduct complex forensic investigations of computers and smart devices, oversee the rapid response of regulatory requests for data and manage the electronic disclosure of large volumes of documents and e-mail data sources for litigation purposes. 

Our service is a highly consultative one. The team works alongside the client from the outset and has the ability and experience to successfully carry out the work in any country or jurisdiction in the world. Our modular solutions are designed to complement and support our clients whether they are a veteran in these processes or this is the first time they have found it necessary to involve a consultant in the search for critical electronic evidence.  

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  1. Proen Legal E-Disclosure (Specialty: Conflicts & Disclosures Management)

    The PLT approach to e-disclosure involves the identification, capture, processing, review and production of large volumes of electronic documents and scanned images of hard copy as part of the process of disclosure in civil litigation. It is an approach that subscribes to the principles of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) whilst retaining an essential flexibility. Our blend of technical knowledge and knowledge of court procedure is invaluable to our clients. All PLT experts are fully conversant with Part 31 of the Civil Procedure Rules and Practice Direction 31B. This allows us to take responsibility in key areas such as data mapping and the drafting of Electronic Document Questionnaires (EDQs), and to help guide counsel through Case Management Conferences (CMCs). Proportionality and efficiency are paramount when intelligently identifying and extracting relevant data. Our use of keyword analytics helps to determine a search that is both reasonable and cost-efficient. We securely employ the market-leading document review platforms Relativity® and Clearwell as well as harnessing the power of Technology Assisted Review (TAR). This technology can be deployed anywhere in the world to ensure the exact same processes are followed at all times and in all locations when data cannot be transferred.