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For more than 25 years SAI Global Compliance has provided organizations with a wide range of governance risk and compliance GRC products services and technology that help build organizational integrity and effectively manage compliance.

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SAI Global
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SAI Global helps organisations of all sizes and within all sectors around the world to manage risk, achieve compliance and drive business improvement. 

• We audit, certify and register products, systems and supply chain through independent assessment to 
reduce risk and enhance service and product quality 

• We provide legal, compliance and risk management professionals with a broad range of technology 
enabled programs and consulting services that facilitate good governance and awareness of compliance ethics and policy issues 

• Our aggregated access services to standards, handbooks, legislative and property public publications 
from hundreds of publishers provides our customers with the ability to reference and manage critical 
business information. 

• We provide the training that business professionals around the world need to improve their individual 
performance and help their organisation succeed 

The results for our clients are higher customer confidence, stronger brand equity, enhanced brand reputation, reduced fraud and corruption risk, better supply chain control and improved productivity.

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North America / Australasia
  1. SAI Global Register for Conflicts of Interest Disclosure (Specialty: Conflicts & Disclosures Management)

    SAI Global's Register for Conflcits of Interest Disclosure provides a simple Web-based method to integrate compliance policies into everyday business practice. Employees or third parties can, through a simple, secure Web-based submission form, ask questions about a policy, request approval to proceed on a certain course of action, or simply provide information you require to keep an accurate, auditable trail of your department's decisions.

    SAI Compliance 360 (Specialty: Regulatory Reporting)

    Confidently pursue opportunities presented by uncertainty using an intelligent approach to risk. Enterprise Risk Manager empowers your organization to optimize the upside of risk, mitigate the downside, and seize opportunities that drive business growth. A Compliance 360-powered enterprise risk management strategy helps you manage the risk landscape and improve performance across your organization.