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MinerEye, a pioneer in big data discovery and classification for information security and its flagship product VisionGrid™ enables scalable, automated analysis and governance of unstructured data across disparate and distributed file shares, desktops and cloud data centers. Leveraging computer vision and machine learning technologies, it enables companies to efficiently discover, analyze and act on data for data privacy, intellectual property security, data access control, data retention and regulatory compliance. VisionGrid™ uses its patent pending AI technology to identify similar data between corporate data centers and across cloud infrastructures by learning patterns from given example set of sensitive data. Along with its advanced machine-learning cluster data map, it enables the user to identify and alert on behavioral outlier to sensitive data in all its permutations across corporate repositories. VisionGrid™ is identifying patterns from data bytes so that even files that went through changes will be mapped and clustered.

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MinerEye is a pioneer in big data discovery and classification for information security. It’s flagship product, VisionGrid™ is a platform introducing a next-gen technology for big data matching, clustering and auto-classification. VisionGrid™ is a self-learning software that doesn’t require any rules, key words maintenance or a manual data processing. It is easy to deploy and automatically identifies, classifies, and tracks data on premise, on remote storages and in the cloud.

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  1. MinerEye (Specialty: Analytics)

    Powered by Interpretive AI™ Technology, MinerEye sees beyond form and file, tracking sensitive data by its essence. MinerEye doesn't just see numbers, names, and file types. It sees your contracts, your customers’ personal data, your chemical patents, your most sensitive designs and sketches, and more.