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Global Data Excellence

GDE is an international software vendor headquartered in Geneva Switzerland. GDE has developed a governance software system (DEMS) which enables its customers to financially evaluate their enterprise data and monitor the impact of non compliance to business policies and rules. By the implementation of DEMS the enterprise shifts progressively to a collaborative, aligned and value driven one.

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Global Data Excellence
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"Govern by value" with DEMS enables the enterprise to focus the business and data management effort on the most relevant business value while reducing operational risk and losses and unlocking the potential of its data asset. Thanks to DEMS our customers are able to proactively govern operational impact, maximize profitability and business value, focus the effort and maximize resources usage at all levels of the enterprise for all functions 


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  1. Data Excellence Management System (Specialty: Information Governance)

    The Data Excellence Management System© (DEMS) is a complete integrated cloud-based system (internal or external) that uses contextual intelligence based on artificial intelligence techniques and semantics to enable organizations to automate data governance, business excellence and analytics to accelerate the maximization of the business value of organization’ strategies and transactions while minimizing operational costs. It provides a factual value-driven collaboration that engages end-users from all levels in the ultimate value creation. It also helps organizations to manage data policies, to comply with evolving EU GDPR guidelines or any other regulation like FINMA.