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Datiphy is bringing to market an innovative data-centric security technology developed to visualize data asset activities and record the context in which they interact.

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Datiphy provides continuous database security and activity monitoring of billions of transactions per day with powerful engines that extract and index the critical contextual assets of each transaction.

Security teams manage the Datiphy platform through an advanced command portal providing centralized management and natural language querying to quickly verify threats and discover the extent of a breach for greatly accelerated resolution. The company holds six U.S. issued patents. Datiphy audits every data transaction rather than a sample of transactions thereby dramatically improving the accuracy of data analysis and visualization of asset relationships and behaviors. Analytics can also be exported as feeds to other security tools like governance and compliance tools, fraud detection or SIEM, ensuring their policies are based upon highly reliable data sets and not methods that produce false alarms.

Founded in 2015 in San Jose, CA, the Datiphy platform fills the gaps that exist between point solution tools and glues various capabilities together to visualize your entire enterprise data lifecycle. The key technology is its Adaptive Data Behavioral Model (also called DataDNA) providing the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire data pool as events occur in real-time. A command portal enables centralized management and natural language queries empowering users to find any data asset within seconds and see the context of every interaction that has occurred among all other assets. 


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North America / East Asia
  1. Datiphy Enterprise (Specialty: Audit Management)

    Policy and behavior tools are usually configured by gut feel, educated guess and rule of thumb methods which lead to a noisy solution riddled with false alarms. Because Datiphy is auditing every data transaction, accuracy is provided by the scientific certainty of analyzing the entire pool. Analytics can be exported as feeds to other security tools; ensuring their policies are based upon facts and not methods that produce false alarms. Relationships & behaviors among assets are visualized with the same level of accuracy.

    Datiphy Risk Assessment (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Prevention is necessary, but detection is paramount in ensuring that you know who is accessing your sensitive data. Datiphy uses data-centric security policies to coordinate management processes and security controls across data silos.