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Corlytics is the world leader in regulatory risk intelligence.

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Positive regulatory outcomes are of enormous benefit to regulators, regulated firms and their clients. Corlytics uniquely analyses enforcement data and other important regulatory information. This helps all stakeholders achieve better regulatory planning and execution, by providing evidence based intelligence. We do this by providing a unique multidisciplinary team of legal analysts, risk professionals and data scientists. Our intelligence is used by regulators, financial institutions and their advisors on a global basis.

Working in partnership with regulators and eminent financial institutions globally. We will enable a more transparent and stable financial system through greater regulatory compliance. Bydeliveringworld class regulatory risk data and analytics, we empower our partners to make transformational, informed, positive choices.Corlytics operates as a trusted strategic partner to banks and financial institutions globally.Set up in 2013, the Corlytics team has understood from the beginning that to restore trust and build transparency in global finance system, intelligence needs to be developed for multiple players. Data needs to be understood by different departments within financial houses. The lawyers in compliance and the mathematicians in risk. The market and the regulators need the same view.


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North America / Europe
  1. Corlytics RiskFusion (Specialty: Regulatory Reporting)

    "Corlytics enables you to measure regulatory risks. All enforcement notices are broken down into a comprehensive range of regulatory categories. Corlytics provides fine-grained intelligence enabling you to conduct comparative risk analysis amongst your service lines, markets and peers. "