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Legal Files case and matter management software is used every day to maximize efficiency and dramatically improve the workflow of legal professionals everywhere. Our software is the preferred choice in corporate and government legal departments, leading law firms, legal services clinics, insurance companies and universities around the globe.

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North America
  1. Legal Files Contract Management (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Legal Files for contract management is a complete, end-to-end solution that manages every phase of the contract lifecycle: contract creation, review, execution and renewal. And because Legal Files’ contract management software is extremely flexible and easily customized (even by the non-technical user), the system provides the ideal collaboration tool for multiple departments in your organization involved in the contract process: legal, IT, contracts, risk etc.

    Legal Files Corporate Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Legal Files supports legal departments that handle a wide range of legal matters, as well as administrative functions. One reason Legal Files matter management software is so popular with legal departments is that the software provides the ability to manage any type of matter or file, whether it’s contracts, advice, compliance, litigation, etc. This flexibility is achieved utilizing non-technical tools that are a part of the product and can be used by business users within the department. You do not need a technical resource from your organization to utilize these administrative tools. In addition, Legal Files matter management is licensed on a perpetual basis; once you license the software, it is yours to use without having to pay monthly subscription costs.