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BlackBag serves a wide range of clients, including federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as leading private sector security, legal, and personnel professionals.

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Blackbag Technologies
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BlackBag Technologies, Inc. provides forensic solutions for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices. BlackBag acknowledges the growing challenges faced by forensic examiners and legal professionals in the digital forensics field, and is dedicated to creating flexible, multi-platform-compatible software, and comprehensive training solutions. 


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United States
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North America
  1. Mobilyze (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    Quickly acquire mobile devices in a forensically sound manner. Mobilyze allows law enforcement professionals of all technical competencies to quickly see results and make informed decisions.

    Macquisition (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    Acquire live data (including RAM) or forensically image over 185 XServe, Mac, iMac, MacBook, and MacBook Air computer models. MacQuisition is the only forensic solution that runs within a native OS X boot environment, making it uniquely versatile and reliable. Use the source system to create a forensic image by booting directly from the MacQuisition USB key.

    Softblock (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    No need for cumbersome write-blocking hardware. Manage and monitor all attached and mounted device settings within one interface. Works only on Mac OS X.