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Bellefield has quickly become the leader in mobile time entry for firm of all sizes.

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Bellefield is committed to developing elegant and simple software that attorneys want to use. We do this by listening to our customers, understanding the challenges they face, and dedicating our resources to creating the best solutions.

We believe in the science of simplicity. That’s why our applications are easy-to-use and require minimal training. Our mission is to revolutionize the way attorneys and professionals keep track of their time. That’s why we  focus exclusively on mobile and cloud, invest heavily in research & development, provide implementation in less than two hours and obsess over customer service and end-user support. We are tirelessly committed to innovation, which to us does not mean inventing new things, but making them better.

As legal technology evolves, you can count on us to keep you productive and support the way you work. Bellefield developed iTimeKeep, a game-changing mobile application, to give attorneys and professionals the ability to easily get the job done anytime and everywhere, increasing adoption and improving internal operations. 

iTimeKeep is delivered as a Time Entry As a Service (TEAS) model in order to maximize the benefits of mobility to firms, without taxing on their resources.  iTimeKeep was recently ranked by ILTA as the most adopted Mobile Time Entry solution for attorney.  iTimeKeep seamlessly integrates with leading financial systems including Elite, Aderant, Juris, ProLaw, Rippe & Kingston, and many others. Learn more at


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