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BEC Legal Systems’ solutions are specifically designed for law firms and corporate legal departments who rely on Microsoft Office.

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BEC Legal Systems
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BEC Legal Systems holds expertise in Docketing, Word Automation, Document Assembly, and Matter Management. Please visit to learn more about our suite of products including BEC MatterLink, BEC Docket Enterprise, BEC Assemble-It and BEC LegalBar.


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United Kingdom
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North America
  1. BEC Assemble-It™ (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    BEC Assemble-It™ is a document assembly application that keeps standard content and matter/contact information right where you need it while drafting in Microsoft Word.  It is part of the BEC CoreRelate Framework and pulls pieces of content from a dynamic database. Get a live 20 minute demo to watch it work!

    BEC CoreRelate (Specialty: Matter Management)

    BEC CoreRelate® 4 Framework brings centralized matter management to the familiar environment of Microsoft Office. This enables matter-based document assembly from Word and centralized date tracking from Outlook.

    BEC Docket Enterprise™ (Specialty: Internal Time Management)

    BEC Docket Enterprise™ is a docket and legal calendaring application, used for critical date tracking and task management for all practice groups. It improves the functionality of Microsoft Outlook. Request a demo to see it in action.

    BEC LegalBar® (Specialty: Document Assembly)

    "For legal document production, nothing beats Microsoft Word, except Word + BEC LegalBar®. LegalBar adds legal functionality while adhering to Word’s best practices for document formatting; its features are found on the Word ribbon, in close proximity to the Word features they enhance. The legal professionals on your staff will enjoy using LegalBar! LegalBar’s three modules, Styles and Numbering, Templates and File Stamp, can be purchased and implemented separately or together. If you're interested in learning more about LegalBar, request a demo here."

    BEC MatterLink® (Specialty: Matter Management)

    BEC Legal Systems' MatterLink® software is a legal matter management application.  It consolidates and organizes matter information and makes it easily available from within Microsoft Word and Outlook. Take 15 minutes and see how MatterLink can benefit your firm or practice.