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Acuitys web-based legal management tools include Electronic Billing Matter Management Collaborative Databases VendorConnect cost management tools for legal vendors and Consulting Services

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Acuity’s enterprise legal management ("ELM") software serves as the electronic hub through which in-house counsel and their network of partner firms communicate, invoice, collaborate, analyze and resolve cases and claims. 

From basic tracking of legal cases and claims through advanced automation of billing rules and all points in between, Acuity ELM serves as the data hub and communication conduit that: 

• reduces error and eliminates redundancy 
• reduces legal spend 
• delivers the intelligence to answer the strategic questions that keep CLOs and GC up at night 

Acuity Management Solutions was born in 1996. Its founders were overseeing litigation for several Fortune 500 defendants. As national coordinating counsel, they were losing valuable working days mired in travel, waiting for overnight packages to arrive and attempting to share documents via old-school paper methods. Acuity leveraged emerging technology to build an electronic collaborative defense network that provided an always-on, secure communication platform through which hundreds of partner firms could share legal documents and templates critical for building defense strategies and accelerating case resolution – eliminating redundancy, saving time and sharing best practices along the way. 

Acuity’s founders applied this same problem-solving acumen to legal billing and case management. Frustrated by the myriad of potential failure points of manual timekeeping and case tracking, our founding attorneys decided to build a better way. Today Acuity ELM offers e-billing, matter management, reporting and collaboration to legal teams of all sizes across the United States. 

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United Kingdom
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North America
  1. Acuity Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Our matter management system is a single source solution that enables complete visibility of a matter and clear oversight of your entire legal portfolio. This system features easy-to-use matter entry forms and data validation to increase your efficiency and streamline your process.

    Acuity E-Billing (Specialty: Spend Management)

    With Acuitys E-Billing Solutions you can reduce your legal costs by up to 10 per year with automatic and consistent enforcement of billing guidelines enforced compliance with contracted rates and terms and validation of invoices using basic accounting principles Learn more about the ROI of E-Billing.