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Making #Compliance & #CyberSecurity awareness programmes simpler for organisations to implement through simulated #phishing, #policymanagement and #elearning.

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A privately held company, founded in 2005, MetaCompliance is a cyber security and compliance organisation that helps transform your company culture and safeguard your data and values. We create state-of-the art eLearning, GDPR, policy management, incident management and phishing solutions that our clients trust to help them create a better relationship with employees and regulators. We are innovative global leaders in the human aspect of cyber security and privacy compliance who drive the market forward with our unique offering. The entire product suite (Advantage, MetaPhish, MetaLearning, MetaIncident and MetaPrivacy) is hosted under a single management platform (MyCompliance) on the cloud and can be purchased as a full suite or on a modular basis. Our customers are what drive us to consistently improve and expand our offering. To meet global demand, we have translated our offering into multiple languages, meaning users worldwide can now enjoy the MetaCompliance learning experience.

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United Kingdom
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  1. MetaPrivacy (Specialty: Information Governance)

    MetaPrivacy© is a cloud based privacy lifecycle management system that delivers an automated best practice approach to data privacy compliance. Getting staff buy-in is critical to the success of any privacy program and one of the key challenges faced by Privacy Managers and Legal teams. MetaPrivacy© has been designed to increase stakeholder engagement by

    GDPR Policy Management (Specialty: Policies Management)

    Policies provide the formal structure for communicating the expected organisational behaviours pertaining to GDPR. They must provide specific direction to staff in relation to the Regulation. Policy Management delivers the evidence needed for Regulators that your staff have read and understood the GDPR compliance obligations as applicable to your organisation.