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A.I. driven platform trained on the largest proprietary data set of law firm business models, lawyer profiles, as well as matter profiles.

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Bodhala is a game-changing legal marketplace that cuts companies' legal costs. We introduce you to new highly effective, more affordable counsel options for your specific matters while also helping lower rates of your existing counsel. Our proprietary technology -- which leverages extensive data around attorneys' performance, experience and referrals -- brings substantial savings to you by harnessing the power of transparency and true competition. Having deep experience not only as attorneys at top firms with demanding global clients but also as founders of technology companies, we ensure only the highest standards of legal work. We understand that, when it comes to legal practice, quality of work is paramount. Our process therefore harnesses competition to generate higher quality services with greater accountability at the best possible cost for corporate clients of high-end legal services.

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United States
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North America
  1. Bodhala Analytics (Specialty: Analytics)

    Our robust platform is cheaper and the product is significantly more robust than home-built solutions, and innovating constantly. Allows any user (not only power users) to “slice and dice” and “drill down” into data to make faster and better fact-based decisions without IT involvement or users.

    Bodhala Marketplace (Specialty: Spend Management)

    There is no such thing as a competitive market. Bodhala seeks to change all that. We enter your matters into a competitive marketplace, forcing your attorneys to bid against equally, and often more, competent attorneys. This market pressure forces prices down. It also leads to greater detail in the scoping of your work.