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Trapets provides cutting edge services and systems to the global finance industry for monitoring of transactions

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Trapets is Swedish expert company specialized in systems for automatic transaction surveillance and compliance for the global Finance industry. Trapets provides total solutions, from systems and support to expert consulting and training.This IT development company is one of the market leaders in Europe regarding securities market surveillance and in Northern Europe regarding AML, Anti Money Laundering Surveillance.

Trapets has developed several unique products. The most famous and State of the Art product is InstantWatch. InstantWatch is a platform for surveillance and compliance with different modules for Market Surveillance, Anti Money Laundering, Fraud Prevention/detection and Business Intelligence. The most popular modules are: InstantWatch Market, InstantWatch AML and InstantWatch KYC.

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  1. Trapets InstantWatch AML (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    InstantWatch AML provides automatic surveillance against money laundering and terrorist financing. It is very user friendly and supports the third, and fourth, EU Anti Money Laundering directive.

    Trapets InstantWatch KYC (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    The service InstantWatch KYC makes it easy to carry out such screenings at a reasonable cost, for small companies as well as large corporations.

    Trapets InstantWatch Market (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    InstantWatch Market is a very powerful platform for automatic surveillance and compliance. It is already leading the market in northern Europe. InstantWatch Market analyses a flow of financial transactions such as trades, orders and news from exchanges and MTFs in real time, and then issues alerts according to a configurable rule system.