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Legal Suite: everything you need to operate your legal department in the face of ever-growing demands and ever-shrinking budgets and contribute to your companys ability to compete in an increasingly global 247 environment.

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As leading global provider of Enterprise Legal Technology®, Legal Suite supports its customers’ legal performance by providing its expertise in the fields of Enterprise Legal Management (ELM), Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Legal Suite’s software applications address the day-to-day needs of legal departments such as: Contracts, Matter Management, Corporate Entities, Litigation, Power of Attorney, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, etc. With offices in North America and Europe, the Legal Suite group can call on more than 17 years of experience, over 1,000 projects, more than 550 customers and 40,000 users throughout the world.

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North America / Europe
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  1. GaLexy Matter Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Because matter management is, in essence, the primary activity of company lawyers, Legal Suite has developed the Matter Management module dedicated to managing their activity and logging their consultations. Designed to facilitate and optimize the management of in-house legal consultations across all areas of the law, the Matter Management module is a reporting and knowledge management tool for in-house matter management activities with the various units of the company.

    GaLexy Contracts (Specialty: Contract Management)

    Anticipation, negotiation, and drafting are the main requirements of in-house lawyers and teams in charge of contract management. To assist them throughout the entire contract life cycle, Legal Suite has developed the Contracts module. Designed to follow and track all steps in the production of contracts, from the negotiation phase to the final agreement, and guarantee their traceability, the Contracts module can identify key clauses, latent risks, and possible instances of non-compliance and evaluate their financial impacts for the company.

    GaLexy Corporate Entities (Specialty: Entity Management)

    For large companies, Legal Suite has designed and developed a module dedicated to managing company data and holdings. The Corporate Entities module ensures traceability and transparency of events of corporate life and automates their management (articles of association, securities, capital transactions, DGE reporting, etc.) and allows the activity to be managed according to the governance rules and specific laws of each country.

    GaLexy eBilling (Specialty: Spend Management)

    The E-Billing module developed by Legal Suite, consistent with the international Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standards (LEDES), introduces a process for tracking billing by outside consultants (lawyers, experts, etc.), from the issue of the invoice to its payment.

    GaLexy Litigation (Specialty: Matter Management)

    The management of litigation is the core focus of in-house lawyers. Today, the Litigation module developed by Legal Suite is the benchmark solution for managing and identifying disputes of any kind to better anticipate them. It provides in-house counsels with an overall, relevant picture of the impacts, risks, and issues in managing litigation and disputes. Thanks to the tracking and display of the proceedings history and the use of alerts, it ensures accurate analysis of the financial risks and costs of each case.

    GaLexy Intellectual Property (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Trademarks, patents, designs and models, and domain names are an integral part of a company’s intangible assets. To enhance the security of the approaches used to protect rights associated with creation and industrial property, Legal Suite has developed the Intellectual Property module. Designed to protect and enhance the value of the intellectual capital of a company’s products and services, the Intellectual Property module ensures the accurate management of the entire rights portfolio. It provides global coverage of intellectual property assets from the initial novelty searches and the filing formalities to their registration or issue, then their extensions and renewals.

    GaLexy Document Management (Specialty: Document Management)

    The Document Management module organizes and guarantees the preservation of Enterprise Legal Memory®. A true “business partner” of legal teams, it manages the classification of all records and guarantees the traceability of information.

    GaLexy Contract Lifecycle Management (Specialty: Contract Management)

    To best respond to the responsibilities of Contract Managers in the management of complex contractual projects, Legal Suite developed the Contract Lifecycle Management module in a collaboration with Grégory Leveau, Founder and President of the European School of Contract Management (E²CM). Based on the process repository developed and teached by E²CM, the CLM module is the perfect complement to the Contract module, favoring a project approach and optimizing contract management, from the initialization of the contract to its closure. It is used by Contract Managers to identify financial and technical risks as well as opportunities for each project implemented by the company.