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The Data Management Platform for critical real-time applications Scaled Risk allows sales, risk and audit teams to centralize, manage and analyze all their data. Any data. Any volume. In real-time.

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Pionner in Big Data, Scaled Risk is an innovative financial software vendor that unifies Big Data and in-memory analytics technologies to bring Investment Banks, Exchanges and leading financial institutions for scalable, flexible and real-time trading analytics and risk management.

Scaled Risk solves the growing needs for smart data processing in the capital market industry by providing a Big Data and in-memory analytics platform that assures real-time historical and live trade data analytics to help investment firms accomplish real-time enterprise-wide risk management and comply with current and future regulatory demands.

The solution not only helps global banks to comply with regulation but also to analyze historical and live data for business needs, gain an improved and trustable view of their risk position, and improve margins.

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  1. Scaled Risk (Specialty: Information Governance)

    From referential data management to market risk & fraud control, Scaled Risk enables a rapid & agile implementation of finance and banking data-intensive challenges