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ALWAYS ONE STEP AHEAD OF FRAUDSTERS Software for intelligent protection against online fraud

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Risk Ident is a software development company that offers anti-fraud solutions to companies within the ecommerce, telecommunication and financial services sector.

We are experts in data analytics and machine learning. Our key products are FRIDA Fraud Manager, DEVICE IDENT Device Fingerprinting and EVE Evaluation Engine. Use cases include payment fraud, account takeovers, fraud within account and loan applications. All products are specifically tailored to comply with European data privacy regulations. All products are specifically tailored to comply with data privacy regulations.

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  1. Risk Ident FRIDA (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    Our self-learning anti-fraud software FRIDA supports fraud managers by intelligently linking a wide range of input sources. Incoming transactions are automatically compared and evaluated, allowing fraudulent connections to be quickly detected. FRIDA not only analyzes individual transactions but also immediately establishes relationships between transactions. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, your fraud managers are provided with an overview of potential fraudulent activities within seconds of receiving an order. Data protection is very important to us – that’s why FRIDA can be installed directly on your premises, enabling you to retain all customer data locally.