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Used by over 1,500 organizations globally to comply with data protection and privacy regulations across sectors and jurisdictions, including the EU GDPR. Request Demo

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OneTrust is a comprehensive privacy management technology platform that helps organisations demonstrate accountability and compliance with global regulations like GDPR.

We make it easy for privacy teams to get started by giving them the flexibility to upgrade platform capabilities as their program matures, deploy in the cloud or on premise, and scale to support a growing network of privacy champions.


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  1. OneTrust Readiness and Accountability Tool (Specialty: Information Governance)

    OneTrust enables privacy professionals to prepare for compliance with upcoming privacy regulations and certifications through proactive self-assessments. Free templates are available for the EU General Data Protection Regulation, Privacy Shield, BCR (controllers and processors), and APEC CBPR, as part of the OneTrust privacy management platform. Privacy professionals can use OneTrust to benchmark their organizational readiness, prioritize requirements for compliance and provide executive-level visibility.

    OneTrust Data Mapping and Automation (Specialty: Information Governance)

    OneTrust provides a simple and automated solution for data mapping, designed to address compliance with GDPR Article 30 record keeping requirements and self-certification with Privacy Shield for data transfers. OneTrust Data Mapping enables organizations to visualize the entire data lifecycle, maintain an evergreen data inventory (data processing register), identify gaps and track recommendations, evidence and approvals for remediating risk.

    OneTrust GDPR Compliance (Specialty: Information Governance)

    The OneTrust privacy management software platform helps organizations meet these GDPR requirements by automating privacy impact assessments and data mapping, identifying privacy risks, and enforcing risk management activities in an integrated platform.