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Nymity is the leading global research company specializing in accountability, risk, and compliance solutions for the privacy office. Nymity’s suite of solutions help organizations attain, maintain, and demonstrate data privacy compliance. Organizations all over the world rely on Nymity’s solutions to proactively and efficiently manage their privacy programs – empowering them to comply with confidence.

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Nymity multiplies your privacy office resources, transforming the way you manage privacy within your organization. Our accountability, risk, and compliance privacy software solutions are designed for the privacy office, for every stage and area of privacy management. With Nymity’s privacy and data protection products, you can be confident that all of your legal and compliance research, operational privacy, governance, and compliance monitoring needs will be met.

Nymity has been innovating compliance since 2002. Renowned for its unique approach to compliance, Nymity delivers relevant, analyzed privacy research via innovative technology. All content within our privacy solutions is written in a language that is understandable by all stakeholders within any organization, including those without a privacy background.

Our solutions and products help you work smarter and respond more efficiently and accurately to compliance requirements – for the present and the future. Whether your privacy management needs are operational or strategic, our experts will help you achieve your goals.

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North America
  1. Nymity Attestor™ (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Nymity Attestor™ is a privacy management software solution that enables the privacy office to demonstrate accountability and compliance. Nymity Attestor™ enables organizations to report on the status of the privacy program - generating quantitative metrics supported by evidence - using the Nymity Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard™.

    Nymity Benchmarks™ (Specialty: Analytics)

    Understand and compare privacy management across your organization to other organizations with Nymity Benchmarks™

    Nymity ExpertPIA™ (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Enables GDPR compliant projects/processes and produces Records of Processing Activities Data Inventory, regulatory data mapping, PIAs and DPIA reports.