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Made for financial institutions to beat fraud and automate compliance.

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Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2015, NetGuardians is a leading Fintech company recognized for its unique approach to fraud and risk assurance solutions. Their software leverages Big Data to correlate and analyze behaviors across the entire bank system – not just at the transaction level. With predefined controls, NetGuardians enables banks to target specific anti-fraud or regulatory requirements. A controls update service ensures financial institutions benefit from ongoing protection in the face of the continually evolving risk challenges of a border-free world.

Founded in 2007, NetGuardians was the first company to emerge from the innovation incubator Y-Parc, in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Since then, they have seen a steadily growing client base in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Headquartered in Switzerland, they have offices in Kenya, Singapore, and Poland.

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  1. NetGuardians FraudGuardian (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    FraudGuardian enables financial institutions to address specific fraud challenges (e.g. mobile banking, payment fraud, e-banking, account takeover, identity theft) with bundles containing predefined controls. These controls ensure continuous auditing of human behavior across channels, IT layers and financial transactions.

    NetGuardians RIskGuardian (Specialty: Policies Management)

    RiskGuardian helps you meet your operational risk and compliance challenges with a range of predefined controls packaged in bundles designed specifically for regulations and operational standards. These controls run in real-time, and ensure continuous auditing across all banking channels, IT layers and financial transactions.