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LSG designs, builds and maintains a multi-currency web-based litigation, legal, case, and financial planning software solution for the claims and in-house corporate legal professional.

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LSG is a leading, web-based software application and business process outsourcing company with a global network of offices in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. The company was established in 2005 and the initial offering was as simple as providing bill review services. The product and services portfolio has expanded considerably since then.

Our solutions now provide electronic business process management tools that focus on planning and performance measurement of the client's legal and non-legal professional service providers. It specializes in the areas of procurement, and vendor and litigation management.

The company delivers sustainable and demonstrable financial and business benefits for its clients via proprietary applications and support solutions. These solutions enable electronic procure-to-pay engagements to be facilitated in the general insurance, claims, legal, banking, finance, mining, construction and energy industries.

As the technology has evolved, LSG has been part of managing significant change and transition projects for our clients via the development, implementation and operation of web-based vendor management tools for an expanding customer-base. The company serves clients in more than 70 countries.

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United Kingdom
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  1. Advocator System ELM (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Advocator System® ELM (Enterprise Legal Management) is a highly configurable Enterprise Legal Management technology platform that supports firms to manage their legal, compliance and risk in a more systematic way. It has configurable features that support improved litigation and legal spend management.

    TOP™ Framework (Specialty: Matter Management)

    TOP analytics provides predictive and prescriptive information, feeding back into your operational framework to achieve maximum automation, avoidance of human errors and continuous improvement. Our decade-long expertise in technology and consulting underlies the creation of this exceptional operational methodology. You can redefine your operational procedures using the TOP Framework and achieve your business objectives confidently. With TOP, the essential functional touchpoints are identified and digitized with as much automation as possible to achieve the required data analytics.