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Allowing financial institutions to realise the full potential of their global client base.

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muinmos fully automates all the necessary regulatory compliance checks for financial institutions; within seconds financial institutions will realise - with complete confidence - that their client base is global. No more templates, no more checklists, no more costly legal opinions; with muinmos PASS a financial institution need to look no further. Financial institutions no longer need to spend valuable time navigating local regulatory environments; muinmos PASS does the work for it, allowing it to do what it is best at doing - acquiring new clients and carrying out its business model. We allow financial institutions to comply with global regulations, which in turn will help revive activity within global capital markets.

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  1. muinmos PASS (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    muinmos has developed PASS - a revolutionary online platform which enables financial institutions across the globe to realise the full potential of their global client base. With PASS, a financial institution can secure its continuous regulatory compliance, and within seconds determine whether a client from a particular country can trade in a service and given instrument type, and if the service and instrument type is suitable and/ or appropriate for the client in question. It continuously validates the clients' regulatory standing throughout the clients' lifecycle and ensures that the financial institution remains compliant 24/7. PASS works globally, and significantly shortens the time of commencing a business relationship, opens up new opportunities for financial institutions in their provision of financial services across the globe, and secures the underlying investor's protection.