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Judicata is ushering in a new era of legal search that is unprecedented in its precision, relevancy, and simplicity. Find out how you can dramatically save time and build better arguments.

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Legal research isn’t just about finding needles; it’s about understanding the haystack too. Our tools move beyond crude keyword search and enable lawyers to quickly find and contextualize precise, relevant authority.

We’re turning unstructured case law into highly structured data. Data demands analysis, and analysis illuminates how the law has been applied and how legal arguments will fare in the future.

Lawyers exercise skilled judgment. Their time and energy is best spent analyzing information, not gathering it. Our technology organizes and helps make sense of massive amounts of information, enabling better legal decision-making.

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United States
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North America
  1. Judicata Query Assist (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Improves your search by providing suggestions for common phrases, spelling corrections, specific case names, and filters.

    Judicata (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Judicata consistently delivers the most relevant results first – providing helpful case excerpts that enable you to quickly zero in on exactly what you’re searching for.

    Judicata Advanced Filters (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Refine results based on key case attributes including Appealing Party, Cause of Action, Court, Date, Disposition, Judge, and Procedural Posture.

    Judicata CaseView (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Displays a navigable case outline clearly and cleanly

    Judicata Rapid Research (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Delivers faster results and more relevant responses to your queries, keeping you efficient and at ease.