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Hello Soda is a global big data and text analytics business operating across 5 continents. We develop advanced, multilingual software solutions to help businesses acquire more customers, reduce fraud, and drastically boost their ROI, all whilst helping consumers to access the services that they need, quicker.

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Hello Soda
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Hello Soda is an international Big Data and text analytics company Headquartered in Manchester, UK, with additional offices in Bangkok and Austin. Founded in 2013, Hello Soda develop and provide unique software solutions for clients across 5 continents in multiple industries.

Their advanced suite of multilingual software products leverage digital data to provide businesses with real-time detailed insights into their consumers, enabling them to make more informed business decisions in identity & fraud, risk, and personalisation.

Hello Soda’s unrivalled analytics engine is the only one of its kind to allow for true one-to-one individual insights, helping you to increase inclusion and acquisition, reduce losses, and improve retention, and most importantly boost ROI.

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United Kingdom
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North America / Europe / East Asia / South Asia
  1. Hello Soda Discovery (Specialty: Preservation/Collection)

    Discovery is a global and multilingual solution which benefits multiple business functions in various industries, providing you with additional insights into your customers and audience, including validated contact details, social media URLs, employment status, interests and influencer & engagement levels

    Hello Soda Fraud Web (Specialty: Financial Crime)

    Fraud Web helps you to detect and prevent potential fraud with email and phone number validation as well as risk alerts into the likelihood that your consumers’ data is available on the dark web. With additional features including PEPs and Sanctions checks, Fraud Web is an unrivalled AML and identity solution.

    Hello Soda PROFILE (Specialty: Employee Compliance)

    PROFILE is a unique software solution that analyses the digital footprint of a consumer and returns real-time, actionable insights for your business needs. It can be easily integrated into your sign up or application process to verify identity, create a smoother user journey, increase customer onboarding, and personalise your marketing.