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Albany Group is a risk, technology and intelligence company.

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Albany Group
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“Provides sustainable, innovative and evolving technology that grows with your business” Albany Group is a risk, technology and intelligence company. We enable our clients to mitigate risk by offering both technological and physical solutions, for fraud investigations, KYC “Know-your-client” and customer background analysis, supply chain management and auditing, and sophisticated risk analysis and predictive analytics using best in class technology solutions that exploit this resulting wealth of aggregated high-quality information. The Group is made up of Albany Risk, Albany Technologies and Albany Analytics.

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United Kingdom
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  1. Albany Connect (Specialty: Audit Management)

    Seamlessly connecting your whole supply chain with an audit support function to keep your business compliant. It effortlessly interacts from screen to screen taking the user straight to the correct data to enable them to conduct the enquiry and access the correct information within three clicks. This is the first of its kind truly global platform that bridges the gaps in your business.

    Albany Ora (Specialty: Surveillance)

    ORA is a platform that gives an organisation the power to quickly and efficiently access and use information, increasing decision making and understanding. ORA will take you into our own search core to find results on the deep web, social media, forums, business information and subscription databases and internal data sources to collect any relevant information to be presented to the end user.