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INTELLLEX is a #legaltech company building better tools to serve the legal community.

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NTELLLEX is the workspace for lawyers that want to reimagine how lawyers can practise their craft with technology. More than just a work space to churn out documents, INTELLLEX wants to be the intelligent work space to obtain and generate insights. To do so, we built an online workspace which combines an intelligent search engine (SOURCE) with a knowledge management system (STACKS). SOURCE understands legal concepts and allows you to access the world's knowledge. Get a headstart in your research with curated legal materials across common law jurisdictions. Think of STACKS as how you can organise your knowledge intelligently. Leverage on our AI driven to organise and categorise your information so that you can retrieve them easily for furture use. Because lawyers work in teams or departments, we have designed our workspace to allow for information to be shared and accessed collectively. Our enterprise version, INTLX Enterprise, helps unlock the latent knowledge in documents to allow lawyers to tap on their team-mates’ expertise in an easy manner. This allows law firms to now empirically take stock of the work its lawyers have done and have a better understanding of the kind of expertise it has. We are built for the lawyer that is ready to change and win.

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South Asia
  1. INTELLLEX (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Practise more efficiently by using technology. Through an online workspace which combines an intelligent search engine with a knowledge management system, relevant information can be found faster.