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Aistemos changes the way intellectual property is understood, so that organisations can make better decisions, create new opportunities and manage risk.

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Aistemos aims to revolutionise the way intellectual property is understood and exploited, so that any organisation can make better decisions, create new opportunities and improve how they manage risk. Aistemos uniquely combines world leading IP domain expertise, data science and big data technologies to bring IP insight into mainstream decision making. Cipher is the leading intellectual property analytics tool designed to help your business make better decisions. By analysing the world's patent, litigation & licensing data, we provide accessible intelligence that saves you time, saves you money, & minimises risk.

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  1. Cipher Competitive Intelligence (Specialty: Analytics)

    Using AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cipher supplements your existing patent resources with quick, in-depth analysis of the technology landscape. Complementary profiling and reporting that until now has been too expensive and too time-consuming for most companies to commission.

    Cipher Corporate Repoting (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Cipher enables IP to take its rightful place at the heart of business strategy. With Cipher you can overcome the challenges posed by slow, expensive and repetitive reporting, essential to communication but painful to produce. The challenge is no longer accessing the reporting you need to make wiser business decisions – the competitive intelligence reports, the risk and cost analysis reports, the patent due diligence because Cipher gives you all that at the touch of a button.

    Cipher IP Risk Management (Specialty: IP Litigation & Conflicts)

    Companies are good at managing risk. But only if the facts are known and the unknowns rationalised. IP risk is not well understood by the main board. They are largely unaware until the rubber hits the road. Is it time that IP risk management to play a more central role in R&D, M&A and mainstream corporate strategy? We think so. That’s why Cipher incorporates litigation, licensing and Standard Essential Patent (SEP) data. IP business intelligence requires a 360° view. The more you interrogate, the greater the clarity. A new way of seeing the world of IP and understanding the new entrants, in new territories, with new technologies. Identify the gaps in your armour, before someone else does.

    Cipher Cost Management (Specialty: Analytics)

    Cipher’s cost analysis has revealed dramatic examples of misaligned corporate and IP strategy. For example, companies with significant patent cost and no discernable benefit – a good patent is a patent that adds value. Cipher enables complex territorial analysis. Are there regional discrepancies? Why are competitors behaving differently? What’s going on in the supply chain? $1m does not go far when managing a complex portfolio – savings are within reach with instant access to Cipher reports.