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CPA Global is the world’s leading #IP management and #technology company. This is an exciting time to connect with CPA Global #FutureofIP

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CPA Global
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CPA Global is the world’s leading IP management and technology company. Trusted by many of the world’s most respected corporations and law firms, CPA Global empowers a global community to achieve excellence in IP management. We support the day-to-day delivery of IP tasks and provide the right information at the right time, enabling professionals to make better IP decisions for the future. Our integrated suite of IP software, services and insight is underpinned by an outstanding global team of over 2000 IP people, working together to help our customers deliver strategic value for the future of their organisations. Now we offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated innovation and IP portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle, supporting customers every step of the way to realise the value of their ideas. IP One Data is at the heart of The IP Platform – empowering our customers with comprehensive, verified and reliable data. This is an exciting time to connect with CPA Global. Visit to find out more.

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United Kingdom
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More than 500
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  1. CPA Global Memotech (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Memotech, CPA Global’s leading IP management solution for corporations, is designed to securely manage the entire IP lifecycle, from idea inception to asset monetisation. A comprehensive solution, Memotech links leaders, inventors, R&D teams, IP Teams and attorneys, driving efficiency and increasing transparency.