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Ten years ago, we set out to create products that would transform the way organizations use their data. Today, our products are deployed at the most critical government, commercial, and non-profit institutions in the world to solve problems we hadn’t even dreamed of back then.

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Palantir Technologies
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Palantir Technologies is a mission-driven company, and a core component of that mission is protecting our fundamental rights to privacy and civil liberties. Since its inception, Palantir has invested its intellectual and financial capital in engineering technology that can be used to solve the world’s hardest problems while simultaneously protecting individual liberty. Robust privacy and civil liberties protections are essential to building public confidence in the management of data, and thus are an essential part of any information system that uses Palantir software.

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United States
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More than 500
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North America
  1. Palantir Anti Fraud (Specialty: Surveillance)

    Palantir Anti-Fraud allows human experts to look across their entire universe of data to find novel patterns of suspicious activity. Investigators at commercial enterprises have the contextual knowledge to know where to look for unique strains of fraud, such as money laundering, check kiting, or complex, synthetic identity fraud across lines of business. Tax authorities have the experience and domain expertise to develop hypotheses about new forms of tax fraud, illegal transfer pricing, and other forms of tax evasion. Palantir Anti-Fraud’s extensible analytical applications enable these domain experts to interact with the data in ways explicitly designed for fighting fraud. With transactions, weblogs, network traffic, and other dense, low-signal, disparate data from across the enterprise fused into a coherent object model, analysts can ask questions in the language of entities, events, and relationships, not data primitives.

    Palantir Case Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    Palantir Case Management provides a flexible solution for collaborative business process management. Users manage, investigate, and track cases without leaving the Palantir Gotham investigative platform, as well as add new information through simple data entry forms and export follow-on reports in configurable templates. With the full universe of data available in a unified environment, users rapidly build out and resolve case-based workflows.

    Palantir Cyber Security (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Cyber security teams today typically use multiple endpoint solutions to protect their enterprises from common cyber threats. Each tool generates alerts based on a particular kind of suspicious activity. But none of these tools is equipped to detect sophisticated, adaptive attacks—the kind of attacks that target the world's largest and most critical institutions on a daily basis. With Palantir, your enterprise can finally detect advanced threats that lie hidden within your data. All of it. Structured network logs from proxy to IDS, VPN, anti-virus, DLP, DNS queries, malware tools, and application logs. Contextual data like email, print logs, facility access logs, internal chat logs, and human resources data. Open source and third party data. Our technology integrates it all into a single environment, and separates actionable signal from the noise so you can protect your network.

    Palantir Insider Threat (Specialty: Employee Compliance)

    With Palantir, you can protect your organization’s sensitive information and intellectual property from theft, misuse, and abuse. Whether employees are maliciously exfiltrating data or unintentionally violating data use policies, our technology allows you to proactively and efficiently identify and respond to threats.

    Palantir Legal Intelligence (Specialty: Analytics)

    With Palantir Legal Intelligence, legal professionals can analyze all of the data related to a case in a single environment. Palantir Legal Intelligence is easy to use and its powerful search capabilities are accessible to anyone with basic computer skills. Integrate data from existing document review tools (including document tags and notes), public information like web sources and published government data, and even audio recordings. Perform a single search through the entire repository to find points of interest, analyze connections within data, and create reports to share findings.