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Forensic Search, eDiscovery, and Information Governance. Trusted by the world's best-known enterprises, banks, law enforcement and government agencies.

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Vound Software
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Vound is a leading global vendor of technology used for forensic search, e-discovery and information governance. Our Intella® suite of e-discovery and digital investigation software is used by the world’s best-known enterprises, banks, law enforcement and government agencies for Human Resources, Legal and Compliance matters. With Intella's unique Cluster Map technology, relationships and timelines between Custodian and Electronically Stored Information (ESI) are instantly visualized, enabling users to quickly drill down to the most pertinent evidence. This innovative approach to forensic-search helps to minimize the need for experts and significantly cuts the time and costs organizations normally need to carry out digital investigations, audit requests and e-discovery.

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United States
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North America / Europe / East Asia
  1. Intella (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Efficiently batch large sets of potentially responsive documents, add power and speed to your review process, and easily apply coding decisions. With Intella Connect, your job just got significantly more productive-and easier.