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Trintech is transforming organizations across the globe by automating the entire financial close process. Over 1,700 companies around the world rely on us to empower and evolve their processes — delivering increased efficiency and effectiveness, reducing costs and improving governance and transparency across finance organizations.

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At Trintech, we pride ourselves on providing enterprise-class financial solutions for the Record to Report process to organizations committed to transforming their financial process to best in class levels of efficiency and effectiveness. We understand the deadlines, dynamics and challenges of managing the Record to Report process. How? We live it every day. We’re financial professionals – just like you. From high volume transaction matching and streamlining daily operational reconciliations, to automating and managing balance sheet reconciliations, managing intercompany workflow and transactions, journal entries, disclosure and fiduciary reporting and bank fee analysis, to governance, risk and compliance - Trintech's portfolio of financial solutions optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve governance and transparency across the entire financial close process.

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  1. Tritech Disclosure Management (Specialty: Conflicts & Disclosures Management)

    By using Trintech Disclosure Management’s unique capabilities for report creation, compliance, collaboration, approvals, and research, you’ll be able to eliminate manual processes, reduce the risk of restatements, and improve control – all while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process.