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Welcome to the new era of data-driven ethics and compliance with Convercent Insights. A whole new way to measure and attain success.

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We offer comprehensive and integrated compliance management, reporting, and analytics. A 360-degree view of compliance drives efficiency by aligning initiatives and data into a single dashboard. Our compliance software is for any organization that wants to put compliance into the driver’s seat of business strategy (without having to reinvent the compliance wheel). We partner with our clients to create the smartest and easiest path to success. Convercent integrates the management of corporate compliance risks, cases, disclosures, training and policies. With hundreds of customers in more than 130 countries—including Philip Morris International, CH2M Hill and Under Armour—Convercent’s award-winning GRC solution safeguards the financial and reputational health of your company.

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North America
  1. Convercent Disclosure Manager (Specialty: Conflicts & Disclosures Management)

    Get more relevant disclosures and take more decisive action. Convercent guides employees through the entire disclosure process, making it easy to be thorough and forthcoming. Configure the types of conflicts different employee groups are able to see and disclose, and customize questionnaires based on the COIs they choose. You’ll get more information to work with around the potential COIs that really matter to your organization.

    Convercent Policy Manager (Specialty: Policies Management)

    Deliver any combination of related policies in cohesive campaigns. You'll do more than collect, track and report on all acknowledgements in real time: You'll quickly be able to assess how your policies influence employee conduct and impact compliance risk.