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Take regulatory compliance to where your employees are. Choose a specific module or implement all of the modules on your existing Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 platform.

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ConvergePoint, the leading Compliance solution provider on Microsoft SharePoint, boasts five full-featured software products for the complete life-cycle management of your Policies & Procedures, Contracts, Conflict of Interest Disclosures, Safety & Incident Tracking and Investigative Case Management. Extend your existing Microsoft Office 365 or on-site SharePoint instance, or rely on ConvergePoint’s secure cloud platform so you can access the power of ConvergePoint whether or not you have SharePoint. With workflow builders, version control, audit trails, keyword search, custom data fields, dashboards, reporting, and more, ConvergePoint provides industry best practices and U.S. based support.

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  1. Convergepoint Conflict of Intrest Software (Specialty: Conflicts & Disclosures Management)

    ConvergePoint notices the need for a better conflict of interest platform for compliance managers. Fortunately, our Conflict of Management Software on Microsoft SharePoint helps organizations educate employees about the compliance concerns of certain types of relationships and provides greater transparency during the disclosure process. Identifying and cultivating all of the relevant information about these relationships can minimize any future conflicts and avoid issues with regulatory bodies.

    ConvergePoint HR and Compliance Case Management Sofrware (Specialty: Matter Management)

    HR and compliance managers have for years demanded a stronger platform to handle their case management needs. Whenever a new case gets brought to your attention, you’re using a variety of unorganized tools to report and track complaints, corruption, and fraud allegations, but oftentimes lose record of where the case details go next, who sees the report, and whether a recommended action plan is ever implemented. ConvergePoint understands the specific needs of HR and compliance managers, along with your pain points when it comes to HR investigations or case management. Fortunately, our Case Management Software on Microsoft SharePoint heeds those calls, and creates a streamlined workflow where the creation, management and reporting of a case is handled in one central location, a welcomed sight for all parties.

    ConvergePoint Contract Management Software (Specialty: Contract Management)

    As your organization grows, so does the number of contracts you enter with vendors, partners and customers. Has your contract management process evolved along with your business growth? Or, are your general counsel, attorney and contract managers’ days slowed by trying to prioritize contract requests, contract negotiations, checking on contracts’ statuses and looking for contract renewal dates in Excel spreadsheets and share drives? ConvergePoint recognizes your legal team’s need for a contract management system to handle the full contract management lifecycle, from contract requests, reviews and approvals through obligation management and renewals. Our Enterprise Contract Management System, built on Microsoft SharePoint (available on Microsoft SharePoint 2016, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 – SharePoint Online), automates the contract management process, ensuring you never again have to worry about uneconomical contracts auto-renewing, missed business opportunities and wasting time searching for and compiling contract information.

    ConvergePoint Policy Management Software (Specialty: Policies Management)

    From ever-changing, local, state and federal regulations to industry best practices and trade associations’ guidelines, it’s a challenge for any organization to keep policies current, employees trained and the company compliant. At ConvergePoint, we understand the compliance challenges you face. Using your existing Microsoft SharePoint platform (available on Microsoft SharePoint 2016, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 – SharePoint Online), we help compliance and risk management teams, HR managers, policy administrators and IT managers automate their full policy lifecycle with Policy Management Software.