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Enterprises hold large numbers of documents containing important data and contractual terms. These documents are typically unstructured, often originating from paper based scans and are spread across the organisation in various data stores. Getting accurate data from these documents is expensive and time consuming. Maintaining it in a usable manner is harder still.

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Logical Construct
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Logical Construct solves the problem of locating data in scanned contractual documents in the simplest, most accurate way, utilising our Software as a Service (SaaS) based industry utility. Our technology is particularly applicable to organisations involved in OTC derivatives trading where mountains of paperwork and antiquated processes are obstacles to success.

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  1. Logical Construct Lyncs (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    Lyncs offers automated data collection technology to provide our clients with certainty of outcome. The offering can scale from small engagements with clients looking for a turn-key solution, through to enterprise wide installations. Many solutions available on the market offer only a subset of any clients needs; we can cover them all. Our platform can be used to view your one-off, but highly important documents alongside your high volume industry standard agreements.