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harmon.ie_logo delivers the first topic computing experience, by presenting enterprise events from cloud services, organized by topics, directly in the Outlook client.

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Company overview: (pronounced 'harmony') delivers the first topic computing experience, by presenting enterprise events from existing cloud services… by topics, the way the human brain works. As such, user experience products empower today’s distributed workforce to get work done on their own terms. Thousands of enterprise customers already count on to provide humanized information governance, collaboration, knowledge retention, and email and records management using SharePoint, Office 365 and other collaboration tools.

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  1. Knowledge Management (Specialty: Knowledge Management) boosts the success of your Knowledge Management project by making it effortless for business workers to interact with SharePoint as part of their existing daily work routine. Information Governance (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Auto-capture email messages and documents from Outlook directly into SharePoint using Classify email and documents messages in SharePoint. automatically prompts you for required metadata, so you can be assured that documents and email are classified accurately and completely. Find and retrieve email messages, documents, and records from SharePoint (and SharePoint Record Center) for discovery, audits, and compliance requirements. When classified correctly and efficiently, producing email messages and documents is a snap.