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EntityKeeper is a cloud-based software designed to replace expensive, ineffective methods for managing, maintaining and visualizing legal entity information.

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Created by a group of entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of managing pertinent data, tracking annual filing dates, generating accurate reports and sharing information, EntityKeeper is the simple solution to entity management. EntityKeeper’s patent-pending visualization tool presents a new way of seeing ownership and value across complex entity structures, and our innovative approach to managing data makes it easier than ever to collaborate and share this information 24/7 from any device. Our simple design makes the entity management process easy and intuitive, while our best-in-class security processes keep your information safe. EntityKeeper tracks compliance due dates that vary by state and entity type and notifies you via automated emails so you can avoid late fees and entity dissolution.

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North America
  1. EntityKeeper (Specialty: Entity Management)

    Our solution gives you the ability to store, manage and visualize all your data in a safe secure environment. It can be challenging to manage all your entities and organize the related data. If you miss a filing deadline, you can be looking at anything from a fine to administrative dissolution. EntityKeeper helps you work smarter - not harder.