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Lex.be_logo is a new innovative legal search platform. In today's digital world, empowers citizens and legal professionals to benefit from a huge influx of information and find value in it. Eventually citizens, enterprises, the academical world and last but not least the administration itself will have easy access to judiciary.

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Company overview: is an innovating provider of advanced tools for legal professionals on top of a simple and free search engine.

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  1. Search Engine (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    With the search engine from you will finally be able to search legal information in an efficient way. Searches can easily be entered into the search box and our search engine will use "full text" search in all relevant information. As the only one in Belgium, our search engine offers an integrated solution for fast search in both legislation, case law and jurisprudence. Our databases contains all legislation and case law embedded in authentic legal data sources in Belgium. Authentic sources are collections of data made available by the government or recognized as complete and of high quality. For legislation we will search for example in the Official State Gazette, for case law in Juridat and Justel.