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Nalanda Technology was founded with the vision of developing and delivering core software solutions that are innovative, simple to use, fast and effective. The focus is to help any individual or business user who is at a loss with navigating and using their electronic documents and data.

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Nalytics can extract data from all sources and any device; it gives you highly responsive, secure and accurate contextual access to the knowledge it contains. With our unique techniques for deconstructing data and index building, we have created a highly sophisticated Unified Information Access platform. Nalytics offers a user friendly interface which end users can use to upload (text)files and group these files for analytical purposes. A variety of text documents can be used, including all common file types like Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), PDF and regular text files. Nalytics can also extract and index textual content from any standard databases. The ability to use text files and databases gives Nalytics great flexibility. An example would be our innovative capability for the redacting of text. With this particular tool, an authorized user will be able to redact words and sentences for other users, using a very simple and intuitive process. Not only that, but Nalytics can also be used for the collection of data for analysis, while retaining its ease of use for clients. The advanced search engine for sentences and concepts delivers 100% accuracy when it comes to locating text, files, documents, pdf files, xml files etc. Nalytics is language independent and supports all written languages. We work in the language of the documents without needing them to be translated to a common language such as English. 

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  1. Nalytics (Specialty: Processing/Review/Analysis)

    Nalytics is a unique cloud solution for extracting knowledge from all of your unstructured data from any device. Nalytics helps individuals, teams and entire organisations access and analyse their data to enhance insight, drive innovation and deliver improvements. Cutting edge technology delivering powerful search, analytical and explorative capabilities.