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ThoughtRiver's contract intelligence software evaluates contract risk, enabling resource to be apportioned more accurately, saving companies time and money.

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ThoughtRiver is revolutionising the way businesses make contractual decisions. By using predictive and behavioural analytics, machine trained text mining and data visualisation we enable companies to understand and transform the quality of their deals - speeding up decision making, and providing better information on which to make decisions. A joint venture with leading technology law firm Taylor Vinters LLP, ThoughtRiver operates from offices in Cambridge, London and Singapore.

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  1. Contract Intelligence Tool (Specialty: Contract Analysis)

    ThoughtRiver’s Contract Intelligence tool is designed to be embedded into day-to-day activities for work routing, capture of data and performance analysis. Automated Data Capture Rich contract data is captured and validated using our intelligent contract description framework.  Your contract library just came alive. Embedded Risk Evaluation CI features a risk evaluation engine that embeds detailed analysis and commentary on your document, outputs visual risk analysis and scores that can be used to automate decisions. Policy Management  Configure policies, showstoppers and approval gates at an organisational and contract-type level.  Introduce changes and refinements across your enterprise automatically. Configure to It Use CI as a standalone contract review portal for business and lawyers or as an integrated background component of other systems and processes using our APIs.