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The Pekama IP Community is a global group of intellectual property experts who work with each other on preferred terms and using proprietary technology. IP firms and IP experts participate in the Pekama IP comunitz to bring networking, efficiency and predictability to their work.

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In Pekama, we believe that IP firms should work collaboratively and thrive together. We think that the relationship between two like-minded firms in two different countries is invaluable and that working with people that you know and respect are a great way to deliver value and increase profitability.


We have, however, encountered that finding such firms and managing the relationships with them is expensive and inefficient. Therefore, we built a solution that helps IP firms find each other


The Pekama platform, as the backbone of our IP community, supports a global network of IP firms to better work together by giving each other special offers, applying technology to the process and bringing transparency and efficiency. We are looking to help firms grow their networks, not replace them.

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  1. Pekama (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Pekama is the missing link between IP owners and an international community of IP attorneys. For decades, finding the right foreign associates for international work required time, effort and luck. Pekama solves all that. IP owners can trust Pekama to instruct the right firms to handle their IP, and IP attorneys can build a network of foreign associates in all the jurisdictions they need.