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LegalTrek is a best law practice management software if you are client-oriented, mid-size law firm or legal department. LegalTrek have helped hundreds of legal teams with a software that turns legal project management and billing into a growing and profitable business.

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Everything You Need in One Easy-to-use Package Many legal software packages are designed for only a single function: time-keeping OR calendaring OR document management.

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  1. Time Tracking & and Invoices (Specialty: Internal Time Management)

    LegalTrek’s Legal Time Tracking feature let’s you track your time automatically or manually. Use our Timers feature if you prefer auto-tracking. Moreover, if you are a multitasker, you will love our Multiple Timers feature, which lets you manage different timers at the same time, and easily switch from one to another. You can always add your time manually and assign it to any task, matter, and client.

    Law Office Management (Specialty: Matter Management)

    LegalTrek Folder system helps you sort your documents for different clients and matters. Every time you create a new client or matter, LegalTrek creates a folder with a corresponding name. All attached documents are automatically sorted and safely stored, so you can access them at any time. Additionally, you can create and rename folders, and set a Shared folder for the whole company and a Private one for your reference. If you are handling lots of repetitive tasks and projects, you can use LegalTrek Task Templates to make your project and task assigning faster and easier. Simply save the list of tasks in a template and use them as many times as you need in the future. You can save task names, description, attached documents, sequence along with the time-span etc. Moreover, you can load all these information with a single click.

    Schedule Management (Specialty: Legal Project Management)

    The Schedule feature of LegalTrek’s Law Practice Management Software enables you to assign, monitor, and stay on top of your tasks and appointments; as well as your overall team. View your schedule in daily, weekly, or monthly format, and set reminders for important events. Our schedule is fully integrated with other modules. For example, you can mark a task as done and add time, expense or charge to it.This will immediately reflect on the reviews, reports, matters and on the schedule.