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Harbor Technologies was founded in 2007 and specialises in developing Intellectual Property software for Law Firms and Corporate companies.  Since this time, Harbor Technologies has developed the innovative new software product IPzen.

The award winning IP Boutique law firm Dreyfus has been using the IPzen cloud technology for its online platform « Dreyfus IPweb ».  This platform based on the cloud technology of IPzen was recently awarded Best Online IP Platform for 2015 at the Intellectual Property Awards by Acquisition International.

IPzen launched in May 2015 at  INTA’s 137th Annual Meeting in San Diego.

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United Kingdom
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  1. IPzen Essential (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    IPzen is the latest cloud hosted Intellectual Property Management software solution for Law Firms and Corporations. The IPzen software has been designed by Lawyers to automate the full IP life cycle for managing and docketing files, Trademarks, Domain Names, Trade Secrets and Copyrights. IPzen includes all features required by Trademark Lawyers and Companies – and even more.  IPzen is a modular system available in both Enterprise and Law Firm editions, as well as a service in a shared environment.   This innovative software enables collaborative work for any Law firm or Corporation and is accessible to clients.

    IPzen Professional (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    The IPzen Professional product has been designed for medium to larger businesses, IP law firms and corporates where there is a greater emphasis of managing matters or files with large portfolios of Trademarks and/or Domain Names. The IPzen Professional Trademark add-on and Domain Name add-on allow for an unlimited number of of trademarks and domain names to be included in the IPzen platform.