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Legally Defensible Collection, Preservation and Analysis of Web and Social Media Content

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Hanzo helps ambitious organizations extract value from their entire web presence. We are the world leader in the legally defensible capture, preservation, and analysis of web content. The market has long been dominated by reactive-based products, which use web scraping, APIs and proprietary software to collect web content. However, these technologies have become ineffective and unable to collect the growing number of dynamic content that are changing the business landscape and the way we interact with web technology. Hanzo was founded by a group of engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries to solve the biggest problems in capturing web data. We know this space better than anyone else because we helped build it and we’re not stopping there. We’ve spent years developing our software in the genuine 'white space’ of web archiving. Our mission is to disrupt the market and connect organizations back to their data, enabling them to capture, record, analyze and act on it, by providing a unique and unparalleled value.

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United Kingdom
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  1. Hanzo Preserve™ (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Most legal, compliance and risk professionals are facing an escalating burden of eDiscovery threats and ballooning costs arising from the rapid explosion of web and intranet content in litigation. Hanzo Preserve™ can help.

    Hanzo Vault™ (Specialty: Information Governance)

    Hanzo Vault™ is ideal for Compliance, Governance, Records and Legal Managers looking to proactively manage the regulatory risks and threats constantly arising from web, social media, and enterprise collaboration usage.

    Hanzo Insight™ (Specialty: Knowledge Management)

    Are you looking to harness the world’s largest source of unstructured information - the web - to make more informed, highly predictive business decisions? Look no further.