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Founded by longtime brand protection industry experts in 2012, AppDetex is the global brand protection leader in combatting online brand infringement, fraud, and piracy. We develop best-in-class technologies and methodologies that expose and enable takedowns of the many egregious and often criminal activities found online today while supporting our global customers with personal and expert service. Through industry leading search and discovery, constant monitoring, meticulous case management, comprehensive reporting, and swift and effective enforcement, AppDetex helps some of the world's most recognizable brands reduce consumer confusion, brand dilution, and fraud while protecting their reputations, credibility, and bottom line. Led by industry veterans Faisal Shah and Chris Bura, our company is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

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North America
  1. AppDetex Domain Name Registration & Management Platform (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    AppDetex’s fully managed brand protection solution offers efficient and effective case management of the takedown process, leading to swifter resolution. Our customer service managers handle the submission of complaints or cease-and-desist letters, follow up with app stores or publishers to resolve pending matters, and document actions every step of the way so clients can regularly review progress.  This hands on approach gives clients the peace of mind to know that their brand is being protected.