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Lexalgo formalizes and models expert knowledge. Our software is able to automate legal and related rule based assessment reducing complexity and costs where legal cases demanded remarkable manual support. There are numerous fields of application.

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Automating the law - Lexalgo formalizes the work of experts and models specialized expertise. Our software can automate legal and other rule-based audits and reduce complexity and complexity wherever legal matters have to be captured and handled with great human resources. The possible applications are manifold. The use of Lexalgo modules saves resources and accelerates decisions, especially in the case of frequently occurring, similar cases or large amounts of data. We would be pleased to provide you with the possibilities of legal automation.

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  1. Lexalgo Module (Specialty: Matter Management)

    The modules are intended to help customers make a legal, or a rule-based decision faster, easier and more reliably. It makes no difference whether the module is to be used in relation to end users - for example, as an intelligent FAQ solution, - or to help internal decision makers. The Lexalgo modules combine the current capabilities of machines with the professional, intuitive and sensory abilities of human users - allowing large amounts of data to be managed quickly and reliably, while maintaining an overview of the process, content and results. Our user interfaces are self-explanatory, clear and appealing. Only when the use is easy, fluid and playful can we produce the best possible results in handling information. We would be pleased to use your individual corporate design.