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Iolite Softwares Inc. is a leading Software Company providing world class IT solutions to Corporates, Law Firms, Schools, Hotels, Auctioneers, etc.

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Iolite Softwares
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Iolite comprises of a team of dedicated and expert software professionals with proven track record of two decades in the various specialties in the domain of software and application development. Our Quality Policy ranks high on our priority list for the satisfaction of our clients. Our expertise in understanding the underlying business issues of our clients has helped us a lot in providing them with customized solutions. Our objective is to build a company that adds long-term value to our stakeholders. For our employees, we constantly strive to create a healthy work environment and find opportunities for them to be challenged.

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United States
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North America / Europe / Middle-East / Africa
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  1. IP Management Software (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Day to day working of all IPR departments becomes easier, simplified, faster, accurate and organized. It is a powerful administrative integrative tool to manage the complete business process of intellectual asset manager with regards to allocation of work, client correspondences, case document docketing and reminder alerts for renewals, hearing dates, due filing and submissions so as to eliminate errors and never miss an important deadline.

    Trademark Management Software (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    The Trademark Management Software provides user to store trademark idea / inquiry and prepare & store search reports from different registries. It also allows conversion of idea / inquiry to case dockets, and thus one can monitor it. The complete processing, storage & retrieval of case documents is carried out from the Trademark module making the work of Trademark Agent highly simplified and productive. Creation & management of case details, form, cover letters, pending hearing, due dates and renewals are done with ease and accuracy with the help of Iolite Trademark Management Software.