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DH Anticounterfeit facilitates brand protection teams to work more productive in an intelligent case management system with strategic insight. In cooperation with Sony Mobile since 2007, contributed by brand protection managers from more IP intensive industries, DH Anticounterfeit became the world’s top case management tool specialized on anti-counterfeit. As one of the subsidiary of dh Solutions AB founded in 1972 in Sweden, we have a long history and wide experience on IT solutions, work enthusiastically, listen to clients humbly on the mission of “effective combating counterfeits”.

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  1. DH Anticounterfeit™ (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Ideally suited for large brand protection (BP) teams corporation, DH Anticounterfeit™ is an integrated suite that can run your whole BP in one place – receiving case report, assign tasks, identifying fake products, sending letters to targets, communicate with external counsel, generate report, and conduct strategic data analysing.   DH Anticounterfeit™ can be successfully implemented to manage counterfeiting cases affecting any product category, including fashion, industrial and consumer electronics, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals.