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WebShield limited is mostly focused on the due diligence and monitoring procedures of acquiring banks internet payment providers and affiliate networks

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Web Shield
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Web Shield equips the payments industry with tools that protect your business from merchants involved in illegal or non-compliant activities. Our highly precise, software tools provide you with the information you need to make valuable decisions about prospective clients, and alert you when existing clients behave dubiously. Keeping your business out of risky situations – and saving you time and money.

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United Kingdom
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  1. GEiDD (Specialty: Regulatory Reporting)

    With the GEiDD Report, you get a versatile, information-rich report that gives you a comprehensive overview of any business Entity with unparalleled scope and precision. A GEiDD Report combines the best of two worlds: It is a product of sophisticated automation as well as the individual knowledge of experienced underwriting professionals. While we believe in the power of the algorithm, we also value the expertise and gut feeling of a human investigator for solving unconventional problems, which can’t be discerned from simple patterns of data. Because even the best experts can still overlook things, we employ a team of three dedicated specialists for each case. The result is an investigative report with unprecedented depth that is easy to understand, time-efficient and cost-effective. GEiDD is the revolution in Enhanced Due Diligence.