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Introducing... WAYFINDER Wayfinder uses machine learning to accelerate the identification & analysis of regulatory requirements 

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The future of regulation and compliance demands a shift in the way we operate. Waymark is driving that shift by creating a new kinetic operating model for regulation. With our platform as the nucleus, we will carry you across the regulatory lifecycle, from identification to strategy & implementation. This is done using market-sourced intelligence & applying cognitive breakthrough techniques (machine learning & AI) to deliver a future-looking platform from which you can manage every aspect of becoming compliant.

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  1. Wayfinder (Specialty: Document Management)

    The traditional regulatory analysis process involves examining hundreds or thousands of documents manually. This is a logistical nightmare and a recipe for mistakes. Think there must be a better way? You found it. So how does it work? IDENTIFY Faster and more accurate regulatory analysis. Wayfinder utilises Natural Language Processing techniques to automate the extraction of requirements, tailored to your company’s profile. ANALYSE Not only does Wayfinder let you know the relevant requirements, it also recommends the appropriate operational steps to implement within your organisation. These can then be reviewed and approved as appropriate for your firm. CHANGE Whether you’re implementing by yourself, or managing dozens of others, Wayfinder makes it easy. Assign actions to groups or individuals, keep track of status, escalate problems, and much more.