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TrademarkNow provides an intelligent web-based trademark management platform that is used by enterprise companies, law firms and branding agencies for instant trademark search results and risk assessment. At its core is a unique artificial intelligence model of trademark law based on both explicit and intricate domain models of the law. Created by experts in trademark law and linguistics, our cutting-edge system also utilizes state-of-the-art machine-learning techniques to produce models that seamlessly take real-world complexities into account. While the underlying intelligence is complex, the platform’s intuitive design and simple user interface make it very easy to use. The result: faster, smarter trademark search and analysis.

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  1. NameCheck™ (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    The state-of-the-art artificial intelligence behind NameCheck is based on 12 years of trademark law modeling research that took everything into consideration.

    NameWatch™ (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    In trademark watching, there’s a chance you may win the battle but lose the war. If you only watch your own portfolio, you may effectively protect your trademarks but miss important activity that impacts not only your brands, but also your company strategy.

    ExaMatch™ (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Trademark research should be quick and easy, the information should be at your fingertips. Today's tools make this simple task a laborious administrative headache. Get to the critical assessment of your research instantly. Validate the current status of your own trademarks, visualize your brands and see how up-to-date you are across the world. Allow your legal team to complete oppositions research quickly helping you to check an opponent’s grounds of opposition, including prior rights, priority dates and statuses. Gain court case advantage for any litigation preparation, when you need to look up specific information on precedent trademarks from case law archives that might relate to your own case at hand.

    CompetitorWatch (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Businesses need to stay competitive and know what others are doing in the marketplace. What new products/services are coming? Are there any new market players? Businesses operate in a world of information, it is has never been so easy to gain a competitive edge. Competitor Watch pro-actively alerts you whenever a new owner registers a new trademark application. Keeping the competitions activity strategically in view, allowing you the ability to react in advance of any new market developments.

    Portfolio360 (Specialty: Intellectual Asset Management)

    Companies file with different trade mark registries separately and under foreign subsidiaries with different names. Companies merge. Companies are acquired. Very quickly a single companies trade mark portfolio can become very disparate and keeping track of these variables unmanageable. Putting your marks in one place not only makes management simple it allows you to have a global view of the companies portfolio and very easily see that its aligned with the company's corporate strategy. 

    LogoCheck (Specialty: IP Search & Monitoring)

    Searching Logos can waste hours of your time, as you go from registry to registry making your checks. It is time consuming and easy to make expensive mistakes. Doing a Logo search should be easy, using our industry leading technology we search millions of different logos and designs across multiple global registries and databases instantly. Complete a logo search in seconds and get fast and accurate results.